The rise of a new star

In the music bussines today there are a few icons that dominates the market and many of them are a woman.

Therefore it is quit difficult as a new artist without a massive promotion to take a place in this group of artists and it takes a lot of talent to do this as well.

But now and then something extraordinary happends and Christinah is definitely something extraordinary.

Today i came across her new single named *The richest girl *which is  a smooth ballad with an underlying energy and smooth piano backing.

The song it self is affecting you directly but when the vocal starts it sweeps you away.This release could have been just like all other songs that enters the markets on a daily basis ,but it is the opposite.

The major reason for this is the fantastic voice of Christinah and with world class material so is the chance that she will be an new icon on the global music scene a sure thing .It is also refreshing that something new and big comes from the northern parts of europe (Sweden) and not just from USA which is one of the major music countries today .

The song will be avaible on most download sites and i count it will be heard on radiostations all over the world.

Visit her website and listen and discover a rising star



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