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The rise of a new star

mars 30, 2010

In the music bussines today there are a few icons that dominates the market and many of them are a woman.

Therefore it is quit difficult as a new artist without a massive promotion to take a place in this group of artists and it takes a lot of talent to do this as well.

But now and then something extraordinary happends and Christinah is definitely something extraordinary.

Today i came across her new single named *The richest girl *which is  a smooth ballad with an underlying energy and smooth piano backing.

The song it self is affecting you directly but when the vocal starts it sweeps you away.This release could have been just like all other songs that enters the markets on a daily basis ,but it is the opposite.

The major reason for this is the fantastic voice of Christinah and with world class material so is the chance that she will be an new icon on the global music scene a sure thing .It is also refreshing that something new and big comes from the northern parts of europe (Sweden) and not just from USA which is one of the major music countries today .

The song will be avaible on most download sites and i count it will be heard on radiostations all over the world.

Visit her website and listen and discover a rising star



Debut single from the new upcoming artist Ulrika bergdahl

februari 14, 2010

Ulrika Bergdahl


Portrait of Ulrika Bergdahl

Ulrika Bergdahl is an upcoming singer-songwriter from Sweden. The debut single ”How I Am” was first recorded in her home in southern stockholm and was later arranged with melodica, bass and violin by musician/songwriter/producer Michael Caplin (Norway/Sweden) as an internet cooperation.

”Music has always been one of my biggest interests. I played the piano from the age of 8 to about 14 when I switched to acoustic guitar. But it isn´t until recently, thanks to a great support from family and friends, I begun to write my own music. And I am also back behind the piano again, along with some other new instruments, though the guitar is still the main instrument.”

The music is acoustic pop with influences from country and folk, the lyrics are devout and exposing but easily related to. Future plans is to keep producing simple but touching music and also to write for other artists in both english and swedish.

The single will soon be avaible world wide on the major download sites.

The major reflection after hearing her new own produced single is the smoothness in here tone and a fantastic voice that grabs your attention and also the lyrics that fits this well crafted song perfectly.

This song will surely be a hit  on the radio charts for the singer songwriter genre and tempt a broad audience world wide.

Be sure to check this new artist out for an nice ear candy moment


Ny svensk ambient musik..Soulfactor med Twaang

mars 5, 2009

Album coverAmbient och relax musik påverkar dig på olika sätt antingen genom vilke bilder det ger dig när du lyssnar och den instrumentala kvaliten

I ett album bör musiken vara så varierad att den behåller ens intresse.

Musiken i detta Album Soulfactor medTwaang är unik på sitt eget sätt men respekterar ramarna för genren.Spåren på albumet är individuellt olika och rör sig från drömmande landsacpes till mer mörk och suggestiva områden och även som bakgrund  oavsettt var.Sång listan är arrangerad så dentar dig på en inre resa.Det finns en klar mörk  sval underton men även att kast av värme så oavsett smak så passar det många lyssnare.Albumet är själv producerat vilket gen en rå ton och är inte över producerat.Gitarr slingor finns i samtliga låtar och ger en unik atmosfär

Rekommenderade spår är


För mig som lyssnare var detta en fräsch upplevelse och något nytt som för grenren framåt.

Jag rekommenderar vartm detta album om man gillar ambient,dark ambient,mood music,new age,chill etc. 

Artist referenser är Brian eno,Mike oldfield,Enya,Moby,Orb,Enigma.

Stream link

Finns att köpa som digital version på I-tunes och kommer i fysisk cd inom kort via CD baby.

 Det är unikt med svensk högkvalitets musik som tilltalar en internationell publik,detta är ett skönt exempl

Chillout review by Chilloutsoul*