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Debut single from the new upcoming artist Ulrika bergdahl

februari 14, 2010

Ulrika Bergdahl


Portrait of Ulrika Bergdahl

Ulrika Bergdahl is an upcoming singer-songwriter from Sweden. The debut single ”How I Am” was first recorded in her home in southern stockholm and was later arranged with melodica, bass and violin by musician/songwriter/producer Michael Caplin (Norway/Sweden) as an internet cooperation.

”Music has always been one of my biggest interests. I played the piano from the age of 8 to about 14 when I switched to acoustic guitar. But it isn´t until recently, thanks to a great support from family and friends, I begun to write my own music. And I am also back behind the piano again, along with some other new instruments, though the guitar is still the main instrument.”

The music is acoustic pop with influences from country and folk, the lyrics are devout and exposing but easily related to. Future plans is to keep producing simple but touching music and also to write for other artists in both english and swedish.

The single will soon be avaible world wide on the major download sites.

The major reflection after hearing her new own produced single is the smoothness in here tone and a fantastic voice that grabs your attention and also the lyrics that fits this well crafted song perfectly.

This song will surely be a hit  on the radio charts for the singer songwriter genre and tempt a broad audience world wide.

Be sure to check this new artist out for an nice ear candy moment



Review/Ambient Music / Album Soulfactor by twaang

mars 4, 2009

Album coverAmbient and relax music should effect you in you own way by either it,s structure or what kind of images it gives you when listening.

It also needs to be variated enough to keep your interest for a full album.

The music in the album Soulfactor by Twaang is unique in it,s own way but still taking notice of the genre.The tracks are so individual different so it touch everything from deep ambient athmopshere to a more lounge kind of music.

The song lists is arranged so it takes you on journey.There is a clear dark chilly undertone on the structure which is both warm and cold and also with the touch of a scandinavian mentality.The album is self produced and that gives it a fresh edgy touch and with the rough edges that makes music alive. String instruments are allways present and there are some real nice guitar work on most of the tracks.

Notable tracks are


The song names reflects the mood of the music and there is moods in this album from dreamy things to more dark unknown places. 

To me this was a real fresh experience and something new and i felt it moved the genre forward

I highly recommed this album if you like ambient,dark ambient,mood music,new age,chill out and so on. 

Also if you like artists like Brian eno,Mike oldfield,Enya,Moby,Orb,Enigma.This is an higly recommended alternativ.

Stream link

Aviable at I-tunes what i have seen and it will proberly be avaible at different sites further on.Physical cd,s will be avaible att CD baby.

 The Artist is based in Sweden and have been nominated as songwriter of the year in usa song contest in the genre of electronica and won the effigy award as best artist in style also in electronica(famegames  abc networks) which more reflect his uptempo material.The ambient material is brand new.

Chillout review by Chilloutsoul*